Inclusive Education First Aid Training

The Inclusive Education First Aid training is a Pan-African project to enable teachers, community workers, volunteers and parents identify children with intellectual disabilities and provide first responders services for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities in their communities.

We have trained over a hundred teachers and community workers in Nigeria and Benin Republic and we are gearing to bring this inclusion project to Togo. You can become an IEFAider and bring the training to your country and community.

Inclusive Education Services

Inclusive Education services in mainstream schools. We provide well trained and experienced LSA (Learning Support Assistants) to provide one on one support for children with intellectual disabilities in mainstream schools.

We have integrated children from ages 0-18 years in various partner schools. We continue to work to ensure that the UN SDG 4 is achieved. We assess, prepare IEP and assign LSA’s to ensure your child integrates easily.

Inclusive Employment Services

What happens as a teenager with intellectual disabilities transitions into adulthood? That’s the question in the mind of every parent. We provide soft skills training, internship and work placement services.

We also help with business consultations for that enterprising adult with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Inclusive Vocational Hubs

We enrol your adults with intellectual disabilities in vocational hubs that are Inclusive.

We ensure they have ISA’s ( Integration Support Assistants) to ensure they learn, integrate and foster friendships between teenagers and young adults with intellectual disabilities and their colleagues