Inclusive Employment

Everyone deserves a chance to earn a living


IEFA Training Program

We teach to make make people better


IEFA Training

We never stop learning


Global Autism Convention

With US, everyone is loved


Global Autism Convention

Because we care


Corporate Social Responsibility

Everyone deserves to have FUN


Corporate Social Responsibility

So much can be learnt while having FUN

No Matter What

All we do is win

Eliakim is an organisation that provides integration/inclusive services for children, adolescents and adults with UNIQUE needs. We believe that Every child has a right to quality and inclusive education, life skills training and job placements regardless of their physical and mental difficulties.

Our organisation has succeeded in providing this services for more than eighty individuals with these challenges.

Our Services
  • Inclusive Education First Aid Training
  • Inclusive Education Services
  • Inclusive Employment Services
  • Inclusive Vocational Hubs
  • And lots more…

What We Offer

Inclusive Education

We provide one on one education services for children with Intellectual Development Disability in mainstream schools. 

Home Schooling

We provide trained, honest, well mannered teachers to provide detailed learning experience at the comfort of your home.

Learning Support

We provide trained and experienced LSA’s ( Learning Support Assitants) to facilitate Learning in an inclusive environment for your child.